1999 MOPAR Nationals – A Body

Below. A 1969 Dodge Dart modified with a four-wheel drive chassis. Note the “Power Wagon” bumblebee stripe detailed in the final photo. I assume that the car’s street legal since a sign near the car indicated that it’s used for commuter duties. Pretty neat!

A-1969_Dodge_Dart_4WD_LeftFront.jpg (32361 bytes)A-1969_Dodge_Dart_4WD_LeftRear.jpg (54355 bytes)

A-1969_Dodge_Dart_4WD_Stripe.jpg (31830 bytes)

Below, a very nice 1969 Plymouth Barracuda Formula S coupe with 340 cubic
inch V8.

A-1969_Plymouth_Barracuda_LeftFront.jpg (25904 bytes)

A-1969_Plymouth_Barracuda_LeftRear.jpg (37245 bytes)

Below, a 1970 Plymouth Duster “340”. Check out the detail
photo of the wild hood graphic…

A-1970_Plymouth_Duster_LeftFront.jpg (42465 bytes)

A-1970_Plymouth_Duster_Hood.jpg (22948 bytes)

Below, a wild 1971 Dodge Demon Pro-Street. Note the tilt nose and
big block power.

A-1971_Dodge_Demon_ProStreet_LeftFront.jpg (30255 bytes)A-1971_Dodge_Demon_ProStreet_Engine.jpg (53359 bytes)

A-1971_Dodge_Demon_Logo.jpg (9972 bytes)

Below, a nice “Plum Crazy” 1971 Dodge Demon 340.

A-1971_Dodge_Demon_RightFront.jpg (33240 bytes)

A-1971_Dodge_Demon_Engine.jpg (36316 bytes)

Below, another nice 1971 Dodge Demon “340” and automatic
transmission. This car came with the rare AM/Stereo cassette with microphone.

A-1971_Dodge_Demon2_LeftFront.jpg (36326 bytes)

Below, a 1971 Plymouth Duster “340”.

A-1971_Plymouth_Duster_RightFront.jpg (34366 bytes)

Below, one of the fastest cars of its day, a 1974 Plymouth Duster with
the optional 360 cubic inch V8.

A-1974_Plymouth_Duster_FrontLeft.jpg (37886 bytes)

A-1974_Plymouth_Duster_RightRear.jpg (28004 bytes)

A-1974_Plymouth_Duster_Engine.jpg (31819 bytes)

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