1999 MOPAR Nationals – C Body

Below, a fantastic 1961 Chrysler 300G with 413 cubic inch V8 and cross-ram dual four barrels. Take a good look at those engine photos!

C-1961_Chrysler_300G_LeftFront.jpg (29989 bytes)C-1961_Chrysler_300G_RightRear.jpg (30987 bytes)C-1961_Chrysler_300G_Engine.jpg (46201 bytes)

C-1961_Chrysler_300G_Engine2.jpg (29022 bytes)

Below, a 1974 Dodge Monaco with rare “Blues Brothers” equipment package. The owner of this vehicle was cruising Brice Road with the “Blues Brothers” movie soundtrack CRANKED!
C-1974_Dodge_Monaco_RightFront.jpg (28092 bytes)C-1974_Dodge_Monaco_LeftRear.jpg (33222 bytes)

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