1999 MOPAR Nationals – Concept Vehicles

Below, the Dodge Charger R/T FOUR DOOR that will supposedly be going into production in the 2004 model year.

Concept-Dodge_Charger_Details.jpg (38452 bytes)

Concept-Dodge_Charger_Rear.jpg (50049 bytes)Concept-Dodge_Charger_RightRear.jpg (68416 bytes)

Concept-Dodge_Charger_Engine.jpg (40760 bytes)

Below, the PPG Motorsports/Chrysler Sebring pace car. I’m probably not alone in thinking that this would make a great production vehicle.

Concept-Chrysler_Sebring_Sign.jpg (24821 bytes)

Concept-Chrysler_Sebring_LeftRear.jpg (36460 bytes)

Concept-Chrysler_Sebring_Engine.jpg (43042 bytes)