Bellmore Cruise Night (Page 4)

A nice pair of early Ford Mustangs…

Dscn0044.jpg (34791 bytes)

and a pair of the MANY late model 5.0s that show up every Friday

Dscn0016.jpg (36565 bytes)

Below – a pair of gorgeous GTOs

Dscn0015.jpg (38117 bytes)

Dscn0018.jpg (41716 bytes)

Below – A 1970 Plymouth Road Runner complete with “Air
Grabber” hood to feed its 440 cubic inch V8 with 6bbl carburetion.

Dscn0031.jpg (48952 bytes)

Below – Probably the last time two Avanti’s sat next to each other was
when the factory was still making them…

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Wouldn’t you really rather have a Buick?

Dscn0025.jpg (47732 bytes)

Some antique iron…

Dscn0022.jpg (30827 bytes)

And the motorcycles aren’t left out of the fun either…

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