A few things to note before you send me email:

Please do NOT write regarding the following topics.

  • I do not decode V.I.N.s or build sheets beyond the information I’m currently providing at my V.I.N. decoding facility.
  • I do not work with visitors to locate or sell cars or parts. Check my list of restoration resources for this information.
  • Due to my limited experience, I do not generally recommend repair/restoration facilities. As I gain more experience in these areas, such facilities may be noted within my list of restoration resources.

Feel free to write regarding the following topics:

  • Write to me to recommend sites to be included in my “List ‘o Links”. If you would like to be added to my “list ‘o links”, please put LINK REQUEST in the subject line of your email request.
  • Write to me to make comments or suggestions about the content or appearance of this web site.
  • Write just to say hello, tell me some of your automotive stories, or about your vintage automobile!
  • Write to me about any thing else that doesn’t fit into the “do not write” categories listed above!

In general, I’ll respond to emails as quickly as possible.

I can also be reached via AOL’s “instant messaging” service. My IM ID is “dart69dude” (what else?)

Thanks for visiting Lee Herman’s MOPAR Page.

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