Lee’s List O’ Links

MOPAR related pages:

  1. Aero Warriors Web Page– Featuring photos of the infamous Daytona and Superbird, as well as details of their amazing NASCAR history.
  2. The Bacaruda – Featuring details of the restoration of a ’65 Barracuda, historical information, various automotive related essays, photos and links.
  3. Bob’s MoPar Muscle Page – Bob “R/T” Shinn’s virtual ode to Ma MOPAR. Lot’s o’pics, useful information and links. Check it out!
  4. Brian’s Dallas MOPAR Web Server – Perhaps one of the most comprehensive MOPAR sites on the internet at this time. Cool links, lots of MOPAR related information, lots of photos and mailing lists. Definitely worth a look.
  5. Chip’s MOPAR Page – Photos and details of Chip’s ’69 Dart GTS (very nice), automotive links, and pictures from Chryslers at Carlisle 1996
  6. Chrysler Corporation Corporate History – Historical Chrysler data directly from Ma MOPAR herself…
  7. Chrysler Performance West – A Southern California MOPAR club. The site includes an application and details their past and future activities.
  8. Chrysler-Plymouth-Dodge Central – Lots of MOPAR links and historical information. A great site!
  9. Clayton LaHatte’s Web Site – Lots of stuff (including his music and motocross interests), but mostly MOPAR. Clayton’s got quite a collection of cars and parts. A very nicely done web-site. Check it out.
  10. Derek’s Plymouth ‘Cuda Page – Featuring Derek Powell’s ’71 Barracuda convertible, other ’70 and ’71 ‘Cuda photos and MOPAR links.
  11. The Dodge Dart Page – Featuring everything Dart. Viewers vehicles and stories, brochures and advertisements, and lots of useful Dodge Dart information.
  12. The Dodge Dart Registry Site – Scott Shepherd’s web site specializing in all variations of the Dodge Dart (including the original full size models). Scott’s looking to keep a registry of Darts, so send in your scans, VINs, and details. His site features photos of his and other darts, literature, and links.
  13. Franco’s 1970 Dodge Dart Swinger 340 home page – Featuring photos and links related to the ’70 Swinger 340 as well as information about the D.A.R.T.S. registry for owners.
  14. Gary’s Toy Box – Features photos of Gary Shindeldecker’s vintage MOPAR drag cars. He had some REALLY wild drag cars in the ’70’s and ’80’s.
  15. The Houston MOPAR Connection Club – Features a history of the club, details and photos of past events and a schedule and details of coming events in and out of the Houston area. A very nice site!
  16. Howell Automotive Web Page – The first speed shop on the internet dedicated to Chrysler products. Lots of high performance and race parts.
  17. The Javelin Home Pages – By John W. Rosa, featuring lots of AMC related photos, information, advertisements, literature and lots of other stuff. Really Cool!!!
  18. Jeremy’s 1968 Valiant Page – Featuring photos of Jeremy’s 1968 Plymouth Valiant, 1986 Plymouth Duster, and a list of MOPAR links.
  19. John Walker’s Page of MOPAR Links – Lots of MOPAR related links.
  20. Julie (ModCuda) and Jim Moore’s Home Page – The Moore Family’s MOPAR fleet and MOPAR links. Check out their ’69 ModCuda (Barracuda with “Mod” interior), ’67 GTX with a 392 Hemi 6-pak, and ’91 Dodge Spirit R/T.
  21. Mike’s Dodge Page – Lot’s ‘o links and lots ‘o photos of Mike’s ’67 Dodge Coronet and ’80 Dodge Mirada.
  22. MOPAR Club of San Diego Home Page – Club newsletter, application, photos, links and more.
  23. MOPAR Mailing List Home Page – Under construction. Join the MOPAR Mailing List to meet hundreds of MOPAR fans online. Lots of pleasant and knowledgeable people on the list. Highly recommended!
  24. MOPARS! – Gary Hamel’s MOPAR page, specializing in early ’60’s “B” bodies.
  25. MOPARS Unlimited – Lots of great automotive links!
  26. Mr. Hemi’s 426 Hemi Internet Site – Under construction. Soon to feature lots of Hemi related stuff, but currently features information about auto enthusiast related issues such as clunker laws. Very important material…
  27. The 1939-1947 Dodge Truck Registry – Dave Fenner’s site is dedicated to all manner of information about 1939-1947 Dodge trucks.
  28. The 1960 Dodge and Dodge Dart Home Page – Lots of details and photos about the 1960 Dodge lineup.
  29. 1961 to 1971 Dodge Truck Home Page – Brought to you by Kris Wickstead. The site features comprehensive information about 1961 to 1971 vintage Dodge trucks, including technical information, history, literature, photos and links.
  30. The 1962-1965 MOPAR Web Site – The site features 1962 to 1965 “B” body MOPARs, many in their natural habitat (at the racetrack). It also features lots of technical and historical information as well as literature about the ’62-’65 MOPARs.
  31. 1966/1967 Dodge Charger Club Home Page – Featuring photos, links and useful specs and technical info about the ’66-’67 Charger.
  32. The Official Prowler Club of America Web Site – LOTS of Plymouth Prowler related information. Everything from maintenance tips to parts and accessories links. Worth a look whether you own a Prowler or just dream of owning one.
  33. The Pacer Page – A page dedicated to the most unusual AMC creation. It had to happen eventually!
  34. Pat’s GTXtra Home Page – Pat Cushen’s ode to the Plymouth GTX. Features lots of information about Plymouth’s upscale muscle car.
  35. Ragtop’s MOPAR Page – Featuring Richard Piper’s 1969 Plymouth Fury III convertible, lots of MOPAR photos, and lots of links.
  36. Ramcharger’s Dodges – A web site featuring historical information and pictures of early to mid-sixties Super Stock MOPARs.
  37. Ray’s Dodge Dart Page – Featuring details of Ray’s 1969 Dodge Dart GTS
  38. Ray’s MOPAR – Photos of Ray Ashley’s awesome 1969 Dodge Coronet Super Bee and MOPAR related links.
  39. Rodney’s MOPARs – Featuring all sorts of cars (most MOPARs)
  40. Tidewater MOPAR Club – Information about this Tidewater, Virginia MOPAR club as well as MOPAR photos.
  41. The Ultimate Dodge Super Bee Restoration Hive – Featuring lots of photos, links, cars for sale and VIN decoding information.
  42. Ward’s Cars of Interest – Lots of MOPAR links and photos. Specializing in E-Bodies (Challengers & Barracudas).
  43. The Wonderful World of Dempsey – Focusing on Chrysler-Shelby products, but with other MOPAR stuff as well. Check out Dempsey’s interesting list of links (especially the non-automotive stuff).

All make/model automotive related links:

  1. Autozine – A weekly “E-Zine” brought to us by Mark Wan. The site focuses largely on exotics and imports and features historical information, specifications, and information about the people and technology behind these “supercars”. Well done.
  2. The Car Lounge – A comprehensive list of automotive related web sites (all makes), products, games, and racing information. Way cool!
  3. eAuto: everything automotive. – Links to automakers, dealers, parts suppliers, automotive WWW sites, and more.
  4. The Fastlane Museum. – An automotive e-zine from down-under. Features some cool MOPARs (left and right hand drive!)
  5. Fossilcars.com – A nice on-line all-make classified car ad site.
  6. HRLY D 4ME’s Home Page. – Manny’s home page featuring Harley Davidson and MOPAR stuff.
  7. Kelly Blue Book – The home page for the Kelly Blue Book. Visitors can price new/used cars and find the value of their cars ON-LINE! A very useful site.
  8. Kipp’s Car Page – Featuring some of Kipp’s projects including his 1987 Chrysler LeBaron Turbo and 1987 Dodge Daytona Shelby Turbo Z.
  9. Microsoft Carpoint – An excellent resource for those researching the purchase of a new or used car. The site includes price information, reviews, photos, and reliability information.
  10. The Muscle Car Page. – Nice photos and a list of cruise nights (currently Central Pennsylvania only).
  11. My Classic Car Video Magazine Online – The companion web site to the T.N.N. television show. The show has interviews with famous figures in automotive design and racing, interviews with collectors, test drives of classic cars and much more. Not to be missed!
  12. Plumcrazy.com – Phil’s “Ultimate” online magazine featuring photos and classified for various makes of vehicles. Check it out.
  13. Used Cars New York – A free classified service for individuals in the greater New York City area who wish to buy and sell used cars.

Auto Manufacturers Web Sites:


General Motors: Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, GMC, Oldsmobile, Pontiac, Saturn

Ford Motor Company: Ford, Lincoln, Mercury

DaimlerChrysler: Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Mercedes-Benz

Acura, Alfa Romeo, Aston Martin, Audi



Daewoo, Daihatsu

Ferrari, Fiat

Holden, Honda, Hyundai

Infiniti, Isuzu



Lancia, Lexus, London Taxi, Lotus

Maserati, Mazda, MG, Mitsubishi, Morgan



Peugeot, Porsche

Renault, Rolls-Royce, Rover Group

Saab, Seat, Skoda, Subaru, Suzuki

Toyota, TVR

Vauxhall, Volkswagen, Volvo

General Interest Pages:

(uh…of general interest to ME, anyway)

  1. The Dilbert Zone – One of my favorite comic strips.
  2. The Drudge Report – Matt Drudge brings big stories from news sources all over to his page. He’s even been known to scoop a few major stories himself (cough—*monicalewinsky*—cough)
  3. FARK.COM – It’s not news, it’s FARK, where visitors submit links to news stories and then comment on them. Also the home of some EXCELLENT Photoshop contests. It’s a must-visit site.
  4. Modern Humorist – Satire, and lots of it.
  5. Obsolete Computer Museum – A great trip down DDR memory lane!.
  6. The Onion – More satire. Also available as a printed newspaper. A very enjoyable site.
  7. Satire-Wire – Even more satire. Unfortunately, Satire-Wire has closed its virtual doors, however, their archives remain online for all to enjoy.
  8. The Smoking Gun – TSG features all sorts of publicly available documents about all sorts of interesting people and brings them to you from their site.
  9. Ted’s Vintage Ad Museum and Gift Shop – Ted offers a lot of ads for sale. Many of them are on display within his website.
  10. User Friendly – Another very funny tech related comic strip
  11. Welcome To The Drive-In Theater – If you’ve every been to a drive-in movie theater, or you want to find one, this is the place to be. Historical information, photos, vintage theater ads, and up-to-date drive-in theater listings.
  12. WmLaDow’s Home Page – Mr. LaDow’s fine home page features a photo of his 1966 Plymouth Satellite and lots of great Chicago sports scene, Indy racing, and other links.

Some Search Sites: